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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Pennsylvania School District Retreats from Evolution - and backwards toward the dark, we retreat

In yet another sign that religion is experiencing a revival, and intellect and thoughtfulness are on the wane, a school district is endorsing 'intelligent design', saying it's not really creationism. We have 2 problems here. One, a school district in the 21st century is retreating to the Medieval times, and 2) people believe that 'intelligent design' is a valid cover story for creationism.

The real joke, of course, has always been that humans ever had the audacity to even imagine that they knew the real, underlying truth to how reality works, and the proof of that is that almost everyone still believes in Newtonian gravity. If you want to read how 'gravity' really works, just Google 'gravity newton einstein field effect'.

The point is: if Einstein admitted that even he couldn't picture how gravity works in the universe, even though his math described it. And, the proof that he was right is in the fact that time runs slower near a mass - and that was proven in - I think - 1925.

1500 years ago, EVERYONE knew the Earth was the center of the univers. 500 years ago, EVERYONE believed the Earth was flat. Today, people believe that Bush has a brain and a heart. Go figure.

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