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Friday, November 19, 2004

FDA Officer Suggests Strict Curbs on 5 Drugs - only under questioning by a Senator

It's not surprise that there are drugs, other than Vioxx, which should be taken off of the market, but it took direct questioning by a Senator to bring that little fact out in the open; Bush wouldn't want to hurt a major contributing industry's bottom line by having the FDA do anything until absolutely required to. Yet, the Bush administration has been taking the legal stance than consumers can't sue drug manufacturers for injuries because the drugs were FDA-approved. Yeah.. some protection FDA scrutiny is. I feel safer already. Realistically, though, you can't expect a beady-eyed chimp to watch over a war, evil-doers, tax refunds to the rich and deregulation of mining, forestry and oil, and the FDA at the same time, can you?

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