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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

WHO to warn on changing avian flu

"Something Wicked This Way Comes"

No, it's not the circus act in the movie, nor is it Jason Robards warning us; in some ways, it's worse.

I really fail to understand why governments are not hitting - well, not the panic button, but the "we've really, really, really got to pay attention to this NOW! button.

Maybe Georgie has had word from God that the flu, like his vision on AIDS, will only strike those who should die anyway.

For the rest of us, I would encourage everyone, who is able, to get a flu shot. While it may not prevent this particular variety of flu, it may be able to lessen the effects. For example, last year the flu shot turned out not to cover the specific flu that was going around, but the flu shot still prompted the body to produce antibodies that were able to moderate the effects of the flu.

Good luck to us all.

One note, though: if you're a Republican that hates the UN and world bodies 'interfering' in our lives, please pay no attention to this, and please do NOT take any flu vaccine that comes through UN/WHO auspices - that would just be encouraging those busy-bodies, don't cha know? (link to definition for the benefit of Republicans)

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