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Monday, May 30, 2005

More junk 'greenhouse' science - according to the Right

The Right has a 'scientist' on Fox that puts out a column called 'Junk Science', and I will detail this person in a future article, though for now, it's enough to know that he was a 'scientist' that helped to tobacco industry 'prove' that cigarettes didn't harm people, but I'm sure he would call this article 'junk science'.

In this article, from that bastion of fake science, the University of Oregon, comes a study that says that the contrast between the rainy and dry seasons will become even more pronounced than it is now.

The mistake that environmentalists make is that they keep talking about the greenhouse effect as if it is 'coming', and not here now.

What this article points out is that the greeenhouse effect has been here for a while, but it will become much worse, specifically in the difference between wet and dry seasons.

The article doesn't go into a lot of detail; face it, people nowadays are mostly like Bush; don't know, don't care, so going into detail just wastes time and newspaper space that could be better spent on cartoons and fashion news.

However, you can pay for the full article here:

The bottom line: get out your umbrella.

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