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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Air Pollution Damages Babies in Womb -Study

This is no surprise to anyone who follows science, though I'm sure Bush will say that it needs more 'study' - his favorite way of not doing anything. This report just makes the news about mercury from chlorine plants and coal-fired plants harming the unborn just that much more important; not that anything will be done. Bush has put off doing anything for 12 years.

Where are those born-agains who scream about killing the unborn? Is just getting them born the important thing, but in what condition they are born unimportant? It would seem so. Since air pollution - and mercury pollution - cross geographic boundaries around rich neighborhoods, apparently these people don't even care if it's their own kids or grandkids that are being permanently harmed.

So, when these people face their brain-damaged kids in the coming years, and say, "I love you", I guess what they are really saying is: I love you, but not as much as money.

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