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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Seeing Creation and Evolution in Grand Canyon - New York Times

Here's a great example of the evolution/creation debate.

A geologist, who studies rocks, looks at the Grand Canyon and see congruity between what he's learned and what he's seeing.

A creationist, who knows nothing about geology, says that the rocks look the way they do because God created them that way.

It's a good thing that oil exploration geologists aren't creationists, or they wouldn't know where to look for oil unless they thought God just happened to place oil in the same kind of structures - again and again - just for fun.

Geology can explain how the rocks in the canyon folded (heat and pressure over time), and the metamorphosis of the rocks backs up that explanation.

Creationists, I guess, think that God created the rocks all folded up and then morphed them just to have a bit of a go at us; how many people could he sucker into believing that gradual processes did the folding and changing?

God - he's one great kidder!

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