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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

'Expert' Witness Sees Evidence in Nature for Intelligent Design

This is rich. A 'scientist' says that there must be 'intelligent design' behind nature because it's just too complex to have derived on its own.

Um... yeah.

So, since he can't understand rocket engines, either, it must be that God designed them, also.

I'm not sure how he explains, to use a current example, drug resistance in the H5N1 flu virus. Why, a virus couldn't just 'acquire' a gene from another virus - that's way too complex, and how would a virus know that it's supposed to acquire that gene? Viruses swap genes with other viruses (and they don't even have to be H5 viruses) to acquire different traits, like how to disguise themselves so as not to be attacked by the immune system. You know - some people might call that 'evolution', but we all know that nothing evolves.

For example, this 'scientist' says that the flagellum on bacteria that drives it is like an 'outboard motor', and he sees a 'rotary motor' attached to a 'drive shaft that pushes a propeller', and that is, to him, 'a purposeful arrangement of parts'.

Well, a virus acquiring a gene to protect it from Tamiflu, when that virus has never been in the presence of Tamiflu, is 'purposeful', is it not?

Some people also believe we never reached the moon.

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