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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Prisoners 'aware' in executions; they suffer excruciating pain.

While right-wing-nuts will probably think this is a 'good' thing, the fact is that what civil libertarians have been saying for a long time is true: a lot of prisoners who are killed by lethal injection suffer tremendous pain before dying. What's not talked about is that the prisons and federal and state officials have known this, and they enjoy it. Why else would they not monitor executions to make sure that concentrations of the anesthetic are sufficient to render the prisoner unconscious? Because they then give the prisoner a paralyzing drug, when the last drug is given - the one that tortures them literally to death - they cannot move, blink, moan - nothing. And the everyone involved just loves the fact that they get to torture these people to death.

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Miss Elaineous said...

Yes, Larry, I only wish that you had the same compassion for the unborn, and the suffering and pain they endure, while being aborted- but, as I've heard, two wrongs don't make a right.